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Pollution Control:

ECT provides quality technical advice, design, project management, and fabrication services for air pollution control products, chemical containment, wastewater treatment, coatings, linings, and corrosion control.

Wet packed scrubbers, Venturi scrubbers, wet cyclone scrubbers, void tower scrubbers, scrubber packing, mist eliminators, strippers, biological scrubbers, evaporative coolers, carbon adsorption beds, pilot plants, cooling towers, dust and fume extraction systems, baghouses, wet electrostatic precipitators, carbon bed filters.

Fibreglass products for handling corrosive and hazardous chemicals.

For solids and liquids separation. IAF (induced air flotation) for wastewater treatment: primary treatment, effluent polishing, phosphorus and algae removal, oil and grease removal, water reclamation for re-use, etc. Pilot plant and bench jar testing equipment available. High rate biological treatment systems.

Corrosion control products including coatings and linings with barrier technology and corrosion resistant coatings for corrosive chemicals. Also heavy duty coatings and linings using barrier technology for protecting steel and concrete.

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