Modern Apprenticeships

The Modern Apprenticeship programme, delivered in Taranaki by Engineering Taranaki Consortium (ETC), aims to get more people skilled and into jobs in the engineering industry.

Changes to Government policies during 2013 resulted in the the announcment of New Zealand Apprenticeships (NZA). As of 1 January 2014, any new enrolments or sign-ons as apprentices are open age entry given that the Modern Apprenticeships programme primarily had an age criteria i.e. 16 - 21 years olds.
Following the changes in 2013, ETC pursued the opportunity provided by government, to become involveed in the new NZA programme. What this has meant is that ETC are one of four national organisations approved by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) under the Direct Funding Scheme. ETC can now sign-on and manage engineering apprentices in the Taranaki region. Call ETC now to discuss the latest news on engineering apprenticships in Taranaki and how the ETC approach is working in 2014.
NOTE: all Modern Apprentices signed before 31 December 2013 continue to be managed under the MA programme. All apprentices will continuem to be mentored and coached to ensure they achieve their full potential and complete their national qualfications.

For all inquiries on apprenticeship matters from'Sign-on' to 'Successful completions' - contact our Training Manager - Apprenticeships - Dave Cullen (Cully) on 06 759 5174 or email OR call the ETC office on 06 759 1800.