Modern Apprenticeships

The Modern Apprenticeship programme, delivered in Taranaki by Engineering Taranaki Consortium (ETC), aims to get more people skilled and into jobs in the engineering industry.

Modern Apprenticeships are open to 16 to 21 year olds (but there’s also an Adult Apprenticeship programme available for those aged 22 or above) and training generally takes between two and three years to complete.

Engineering Taranaki Consortium can help you find an apprenticeship in Taranaki’s engineering sector, and will continue to support you through the programme. ETC provides:

  • Design for high quality monitoring and support programmes for apprentices between 16 and 21 years of age
  • A path to Level 4 National Certificate in Engineering
  • TEC Funded programme with no cost to either the employer or the apprentice
  • A programme designed to ensure that the apprenticeship successfully completes the course
  • Unit standards credited onto ITO and NZQA databases

Individual training needs are isolated and action taken by trained and knowledgeable staff to help the apprentice keep “on track” with their engineering education. By utilising the Modern or Adult Apprentice Support option benefits accrue to both the apprentice and the employer.

The Modern and Adult Apprentice Programmes are designed to provide a means for people to access high quality, mentored, employment based education and training leading towards a National Qualification at Level 4 on the National Qualification Framework.

The Engineering Taranaki Consortium Apprenticeship Manager has a key role to play. ETC can provide:

  • Assistance to employers to recruit and screen young candidates for Modern Apprenticeships positions
  • Support, mentoring and coaching facilities to Apprentices
  • Visits to employers and apprentices on a quarterly basis to report progress and set planned activities
  • Added visits to assist with on/off job Unit Standard requirements.
  • A link to Industry Training Organisations to advance individual training progress
  • Problem solving services to employers and Apprentices
  • Tailored plans to address individual skill requirements
  • A complimentary service to existing tertiary education and industry training options
  • Increased awareness and uptake of apprenticeships in this industry